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Raphael Vanoli - Bibrax

A guitarist who defies conventions. Using subtle playing techniques from lightly touching to blowing on the strings of his instrument, the Amsterdam based improviser creates harmonic sounds. Vanoli’s approach to playing is physical; creating the sounds with his body, he shapes sound not only with skin, muscles and fingers but also with blowing and facial hair.

Always looking to challenge himself further as a musician, Vanoli took up residence in an old French monastery for a year, researching new ways of playing the electric guitar. The result is his first solo album, Bibrax (2017), a primordial listening experience blurring any usable distinction between electronic and acoustic sounds. Here the old and the new entwine into a singular sonic language. Dreamy and lush chords resonate between moments of harshness, with each track radiating a natural beauty.




Label: Cleanfeed / Shhpuma / SHH031
Medium: CD
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