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Michel Banabila - Tapu Sampler 2016

Michel has decided this will be the VERY LAST CD album he will release himself. And it’s a very diverse collection of mainly recent tracks, solo work as well as collaborations (with viola player Oene van Geel, drummer Joost Kroon, and Rutger ‘Machinefabriek’ Zuydervelt, to name a few). Here is what the higly respected journalist David Kleijwegt wrote about it: “… all of them have something essential in common: they conjure up strong images. This is music you can almost SEE.
A recurring element in the music of Michel Banabila is still the voice, no surprise for long time admirers who remember the infamous VoizNoiz series. It’s in the YouTube-samples that give ‘Take Me There’ its eerie feeling, in ‘In Other Words’ where he uses fragments of text to create a new language, in ‘E.T.’, in which Banabila treated his own voice into some otherworldly sound, a piece that featured recently in a mix by renowned French DJ Rone, next to tracks by Autechre and Caribou. In his urge to always seek new ways Michel Banabila’s music seems constantly out of place when it is just as much of the times, whereof this collection is living proof.”

1.  Take Me There 05:11
2.  Asid & Banabila – Amal 08:13
3.  Jump Cuts 09:13
4.  Banabila & Van Geel – Sinus en Snaar 11:44
5.  Banabila & Machinefabriek – Narita 06:20
6.  Crowds (Big Data Poetry Mix) 06:34
7.  Banabila & Samson – Unfinished Business 05:40
8.  Banabila & Erker – Deep In The Forest 08:08
9.  In Other Words (webSDR mix) 08:09
10. Banabila & Van Geel – Hephaestus 12:49
11. Banabila & Machinefabriek – Flares 02:32
12. E.T. 02:23
13. Ramgana 07:22
14. I Won’t Play Your Game 03:55
15. Gorlice 2014 41:00

note: this material is compiled from albums released earlier, see below:
Jump Cuts (Michel Banabila)
Amal (Asid & Banabila)
Music for viola and electronics (Banabila & Van Geel)
Travelog (Banabila & Machinefabriek)
Big Data Poetry (Michel Banabila)
Viewpoint (Banabila, Erker, Samson)
Route Planner (Banabila & Erker)
In Other Words (Michel Banabila)
Music for viola and electronics II (Banabila & Van Geel)
Banabila & Machinefabriek (Banabila & Machinefabriek)
Traces (Michel Banabila)
Hilarious Expedition (Michel Banabila)
The Latest Research From The Dept. Of Electrical Engineering (Michel Banabila)
Gorlice 2014 live (Michel Banabila)

Label: Tapu Records / 0001TR16
Medium: 2CD
Category: .


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