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Arthur Chambry - La Seuz

What a charming and mysterious troubadour is Arthur Chambry! And the guy already made five albums.. unknown to me.

Chambry modulates and operates breath and wind using a range of home-made instruments: DIY chimes, high- and low-pitched membrane clarinets, a watering hose turned into a hunting horn… La Seuz and its makeshift sounds brings you by turns up to the peaks and back down into the valley. The Seuz wanders steadily on quirky-medieval paths, while avoiding ‘bardcore’ pitfalls.
Carving out a place between traditional music and psychedelic folk. Some references that may help: Moondog, Areski, Breton bagpipe bands, and, a bit more recent: Marion Cousin, Ernest Bergez.


1. Depuis cent ans 03:06
2. Le grand parfum 04:53
3. Au lointain 03:17
4. Les pierres de montodeau 04:03
5. La langue du vent 03:19
6. Nos soupirs 04:54
7. Le reveil d’hubert 00:42
8. Chacun répond presente 02:08
9. Le petit bois 02:27
10. Les fleurs de bourbye 04:03
11. Perdu es dans rocronde 03:39
12. Les coups de mon bâton 03:19
13. Venez nombreux ses 03:16
14. La seuz 03:41

Label: Futura Resistenza / RESLP025
Medium: LP
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