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Stijn Demeulenaere - Latitudes – September 2016

Latitudes – September 2016 is the first release in Demeulenaere’s Latitudes series, in which he combines sounds he recorded all over the world into soundscapes and installations. The album is a recording of a concert in Q-O2 in September 2016. The bulk of these recordings came from Iceland and South Africa.
Stijn Demeulenaere is not only a gifted sound artist. (…) His debut shows his inventive skills, manipulating only field recordings, in an intriguing set of a little under 25 minutes. He creates a kind of hearplay, where nature sounds, crisps, whispers and sounds of our surroundings are moulded together into a captivating whole. Near the end, Demeulenaere widens his palate, using loops and previous elements of the sound into a sort of rhythm. (…) A successful debut. (Patrick Bruneel)
A very deliberate exercise in natural soundscapes that crescendo slowly into a very industrial soundscape. A great blueprint for questing audiophiles. (bandcamp comment)

Label: Silken Tofu / stx.63
Medium: CD
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