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Olololop, Arakawa Atsushi and Zea - Soyokaze

OLOLOLOP and Arakawa Atsushi played at the OCCII 30YEARS Festival in Amsterdam in 2022, and Zea aka Arnold de Boer invited them to play together in his studio. “It was the first time we met, we hardly knew each other’s music, strengths nor weaknesses, but curiosity led the way. After a quick soundcheck we just started to play, to improvise, to listen and respond.” De Boer was inspired to include some poetry by “machine poet” Sybren Polet, which suddenly evolved into a song.


Olololop = Masaru (PC midi drums), Ren (sax), Takuro (percussion)
Arakawa Atsushi (sampler)
Zea (guitar, voice)


1. The First Time We Meet 14:58
2. Cheese 03:58
3. Bicyle and Bread 03:26
4. Machine Poem 03:39
5. Furiran 03:49

Label: Makkum Records / MR36
Medium: Music Cassette
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