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Various Artists - Between two Points

This compilation brings together artists and music from Taylor Deupree’s two labels, 12k and Line. Pieces range from bouncing glitch numbers like Mikael Stavostrand’s ‘+’ (which has a rhythm composed of some clicks, some cuts, some synth stabs and other digital FX, but doesn’t really have a beat, as the various sounds speed up and slow down in various, unrhythmical ways) to warbling experiments like Komet’s ‘Lag’ (which puts glitches and other synth and FX sounds in the background and foregrounds a repetitive synth hiccup) to ultra-minimal epics like Richard Chartier’s “010101” (which is about 10 minutes of silence, with only the hidden trace of sound floating in the nether-background of the track at various intervals).

Label: 12k / LINE_004
Medium: 2CD
Category: .


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