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Jens Brand - Ratchets & Motors

Jens Brand (DE) is a composer, musician, audio-visual artist and curator. He became entranced by ratchets – a percussive instrument/warning device that generates clicking sounds – when he discovered the extraordinarily loud high-density sound they make when played in unison with their gearwheels turning at high speeds. The sound of the ratchets, made up of an infinite density of high-speed clicks, somehow comes across as typically electronic.
MOTORS is a new series of drone pieces made with motors that resemble those he used for the ratchets. When the motors start up they produce a pulse, which is made audible by the coil in the motor and can be controlled with considerable precision. The first and third drone works start with the last four notes of pieces of music by Duke Ellington and Henry Purcell respectively, while the second uses sounds from the motors. The pieces alternate between harsh and dulcet tones and elegiac melodies, exhibiting considerable variation.
released February 20, 2023

recorded at White Elephant in 2021 by Radboud Mens.

1. Tribute to two (24bit) 07:06
2. Tribute to four (24bit) 03:04
3. Tribute to five (24bit) 03:04
4. Folded by two(24bit) 03:06
5. Folded by three(24bit) 07:07
6. Kiss 03 (24bit) 07:15
7. Drone 01(24bit) 08:04
8. Night (24bit) 06:40
9. 24 bit downloade bonus 20:39

Label: Staalplaat / STAALPLAAT-Theta
Artist: Jens Brand
Medium: LP
Category: .


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