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Dennis de Bel - A Very Hard Cover Book

One of WORM’s favourite all-round artists, not in the least because he is a breath of fresh air – in all senses of the word – in the Media Art World. He creates visual wordgames with witty but critical references to our society, music, design and media reality. Bringing unusual solutions to non-problems…

This book was published in conjunction with the show ‘No Ware’ at Roodkapje, early 2014. Designed by Eyesberg, it appears in a teasingly unpractical format, a bookblock with a cardboard box as cover. With text contributions by Josephine Bosma, Florian Cramer, Régine Debatty and Hajo Doorn.

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Publisher: WORM Parallel University Press / ISBN: 978-94-90608-88-0
Medium: Book


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