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Josie Perry - Adaptations

This 7-inch record contains two audio adaptations by Glasgow-based Josie Perry of her performances ‘Retainers’ and ‘Toy Shop’. The term “absurd narration” is dropped in its description, and it is an apt one. The stories and the way they are told sets the tone, discrete electronic sound loops form a subtle backdrop.

Side A: A visceral story of an uncanny new tooth is juxtaposed with verbal descriptions of a call-centre job.

Side B: ‘Toy Shop’ is an equally surrealistic story that feels as if you are entering someone’s dream.

I really like  these recordings and their immersive quality. A 7″ EP is the perfect format. Clear vinyl. By the way the plexiglass object with the two table football figures was a prop from Perry’s performance ‘Toy Shop’.

Label: Futura Resistenza / RES7002
Artist: Josie Perry
Medium: 7"
Category: .


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