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Thanos Mikroutsikos/ Ivan Patachich/ Charis Xanthoudakis/ Mladen Milicevic - Works Of Electronic Music

Four pieces from four different composers: Thanos Mikroutsikos (whose “la frere” is the token ensemble-sound work amidst the otherwise purely electronic offerings, mixing smoke-addled string cloudings with distant, gained reverb-bath scraping ala Andre Almuro), Ivan Patachich (oddly, the hungarian-national composer, whose “Moog fantasy” was actually composed at Hungarian radio in Budapest … no idea why it’s here, thematically, but it’s a great set of glorpy Moog miniatures culminating in some amazing minimal-synth beats towards the end – listen to the sound-sample), Charis Xanthoudakis (glassine digitally-stuttering “stuck buffer” carousel & music box plunderphonics with vocal interruptions), and Mladen Milicevic (ditto the Bosnian composer working at his “private” studio … whose “patterns” introduces itself as a sparse set of digital-fm “tine” timbres, slowly gaining in volume & intensity before receding back into silence).

Label: Creel Pone / #cp 144 cd
Medium: CD
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