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Sludgecrypt - Diarrhea Lipstick

If you like them short, rough and freaky? Here are 75 piano blur-core ditties on one little disc, produced by a duo consisting of brother and sister Troy and Tristana from Kingdom Scum. Released in 1996.


A01 Helicopter Tooth Decay 0:08
A02 I Randomly Pump Bird Droppings And Household Items Into My Veins 0:09
A03 I’ll Kill The Fuck Out Of Your Shit 0:01
A04 How To Act Like A Sinner And Feel Like A Winner 0:06
A05 Half-Ass-Whole 0:08
A06 JFKKK (I Don’t Care Who Killed Him…I Just Wish It Was Me) 0:08
A07 Get Into Heaven By Sucking Off A Minister 0:05
A08 Skinny Yuppie 0:05
A09 Booger’s Mating Call 0:07
A10 Deadly Pajamas 0:04
A11 Shinning Darkness 0:07
A12 Mascara Massacre 0:03
A13 Hear A Veal Squeal At Every Meal 0:06
A14 People Crazy 0:08
A15 My Dead Can Beat Off Your Dad 0:07
A16 Jack Chick – American Folk Hero 0:05
A17 Urea 0:13
A18 Cigarettes Are Fags 0:05
A19 Take A Dump Off The Empire State Building 0:08
A20 Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Being Somewhat Pretentious But Not Quite Evil 0:04
A21 Tom Waits And Waits 0:31
A22 David Tibet Gave My Dog A Toothbrush When I Died 0:01
A23 Go Go Go 0:02
A24 I Did Not Say That I Would Not Refuse To Resist Destroying You 0:09
A25 Over The Hills And Fart Away 0:05
A26 Fumigate Your Soul 0:03
A27 Winnie The Pooh Bludgeons Oscar The Grouch 0:05
A28 Sweat Emotion 0:05
A29 We Suck But You Suck Us 0:04
A30 Vagina Slimes 0:06
A31 Roadkill Buffet 0:15
A32 Burn Your Driver’s License 0:07
A33 The Day Def Leppard Found A Cool-Sounding Name Like Led Zeppelon 0:10
A34 I’ve Sold Grit For 40 Years Because people Want It 0:01
A35 When Cats Go Ape 0:02
Genital Worm Side
B01 Get Out Of Hand 0:05
B02 Kitty Litter Face 0:04
B03 Things That Have Crawled Out My Orifices 0:09
B04 Silverfish Souffle 0:07
B05 Firecracker Dildo 0:02
B06 Preaching Leaches 0:07
B07 Assault ‘N Pepper 0:12
B08 A Frog Dressed Like Dolly Parton 0:16
B09 About Your Local Musicians 0:06
B10 Barbed Haywire 0:11
B11 Corporate Media Demon Semen 0:10
B12 Younfg & Bestial 0:11
B13 Lydia Lost Her Lunch In Nick’s Cave 0:12
B14 Eat Shit And Dye Your Hair 0:13
B15 Steely Danzig 0:15
B16 Hershey Squirt Braclet 0:04
B17 Don’t Stop Quitting 0:09
B18 No! 0:09
B19 Take Your Parents To The Zoo & Exchange Them 0:16
B20 Bullwinkle Invents Urine Soda Fountain 0:05
B21 Get Small Kids Drunk 0:02
B22 Teaching Skinheads How To Drool 0:05
B23 Enforcing Sodomy Laws ( Would A Cop Arrest You For Sucking His Dick?) 0:12
B24 Refrigerator Full Of Cockroaches 0:05
B25 Nazis For Christ 0:08
B26 George Bush Had Two Lesbian Relations With A Crusty Old Toenail 0:03
B27 I’m Pro-Choice And I’ve Got A Gun 0:02
B28 Don’t Be An Asshole…Bomb The Pentagon 0:15
B29 McDogshit 0:06
B30 Rites Of Winter 0:14
B31 I’m A Woman…See Me Scowl 0:04
B32 Wipe You Butt With A Porcupine 0:03
B33 Your Mom Has Teeth On His Sphincter 0:14
B34 Caterpillar Catapult 0:05
B35 Dinning On Endangered Speices 0:03
B36 CNN 0:09
B37 Handcuff Your Ass To Your Nostril 0:08
B38 Sexual Fantasies Involving Kermit 0:04
B39 Perverts On Parade 0:17
B40 Practicing Surgery With A Lawnmower


Label: Eerie Materials / Eerie Themes No. 7
Artist: Sludgecrypt
Medium: 7"
Category: .


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