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Europ Europ - Repeating Mistakes

Follower-up to the amazing 10″ Mellowharsher, released by Enfant Terrible, here’s a full-length album by this remarkable duo from Norway.

A1 Le Rouge X
A2 22_22
A3 Pre Lies
A4 Oman Disco
A5 Up To Bat

B1 Hearing Aid
B2 Long Play
B3 Not The Best Lie I’ve Had
B4 Ladies
B5 Repeating Mistakes In Life

“Listening to Europ Europ’s ‘Repeating Mistakes in Life’ is like spinning the dial of a radio to surf the ether above Interplay Entertainment interpretation of Central-Europe’s apocalypse, just before venturing out of our nuclear shelter. The songs portray landmarks in an uncanny valley between melody and noise, structure and entropy, man and machine. All sense becomes dissonance. Is that a number station or an obsessive ritual? A desperate lullaby morphs into a synthetic shriek, blades of distortion an acid house bass-line. Shit gaze is flayed, its entrails displayed in a metal table, where they transform into iron filings and dust. There becomes here. The shadows that live in these places outside spill into our refuge and engulf us. We become a moment of beauty drowned in noise, the spectre of a song playing in someone else’s radio.” (20jazzfunkgreats)

Label: Enfant Terrible / Enfant 24
Artist: Europ Europ
Medium: LP
Category: .


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