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Ensemble Klang - Matthew Wright: Music at the Edge of Collapse

Matthew Wright (1977) is a composer, improviser and sound artist working at the edges of concert and club culture. “Music at the edge of collapse” weaves together asymmetric structures and detuned melodies with splintered beats and totemic forms in a set of works where musical time and classical notation are constantly fragmented and re-imagined.
Booklet with a comprehensive Q&A with the composer, photographs, multiple score
samples and biographies. Plus: a bonus free immediate download of the album in your choice of format.
Stasis I 01:56 / Totem for Den Haag 15:32 / Stasis II 00:26 / Nocturne for BJM 08:12 / Stasis III 00:43 / Music in the shape of ELEVEN 12:00 / Ithaca Blog 07:47 / Stasis IV 01:56 / Entanglement Laws 18:20. Played by:
Heiko Geerts, reeds / Erik-Jan de With, reeds / Anton van Houten, trombone / Joey Marijs, percussion, voice, drum kit / Pete Harden, guitars & Fender Rhodes / Saskia Lankhoorn, piano, keyboard & voice / Tom Gelissen, sound & recording.

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