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Ivan Vukosavljević & Ensemble Klang - The Burning

For this piece, published in 2023, Ivan Vukosavljević arms Ensemble Klang with an array of deconstructed electric guitars in The Burning, a 45 minute “ominous, majestic drone [that] starts as a smouldering glow, but gradually develops into a hellish forest inferno.” The symbolism of the burning is multiple but singular, both destructive and transformative, it is both a metaphor for continuation and an ending. It is the echo of the burning past and burning of the past.

Based in The Netherlands, Serbian composer Ivan Vukosavljević creates work that explores extreme amplification, hybrid instruments, specially designed playing techniques, and also improvisation.

Side A: The Burning I-III
Side B: The Burning IV-VI
Ensemble Klang, based in The Hague, NL, is a wonderful collective specialised in avant-garde contemporary music.
Michiel van Dijk – saxes & electric guitar
Erik-Jan de With – saxes & electric guitar
Anton van Houten – trombone & electric guitar
Joey Marijs – vibraphone & electric guitar
Saskia Lankhoorn – keyboards
Pete Harden – electric guitars
Label: Ensemble Klang Records / Klang#15
Medium: LP
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