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Ash Kilmartin and Bergur Thomas Anderson - Stonecarver’s Dilemma (A Shortcut)

Stonecarver’s Dilemma is a live choose-your-own-adventure set in Rottbridge, a small town that has become afflicted by the Dancing Plague. As a visiting artisan, you choose whether to navigate the corrupt powers and complete your work, or risk it all to help the townspeople… Part story-telling, part minimal electronic songs, in this typically charming surrealist fairytale vibe that can also be heard on Bergur’s LP Night Time Transmissions. Released in 2019, Antenne only made 30 of the tape version: Pro-dubbed clear C-30 tapes with glitter pieces moulded into the shell, with riso-printed inlay.

1. Path A 15:00

2. Path B 14:22

PATH A: Carving my visions (feat. Gunnar and Sigrun)/*Welcome to Rottbridge (organ intro)/Monk’s dialogue/Maud’s song/*Villager’s theme/Abbot’s Jam

PATH B: Hermit’s meditation

Label: Antenne / ANT 002
Medium: Music Cassette
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