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Bergur Thomas Anderson - Night Time Transmissions

Bergur Anderson is wonderful and unlike any other songwriter/composer I know! His album plays like a fantasy story where the characters are tenants, an architect, a janitor, a 600 year old echo, the Night Time Healer, and, importantly, the Troubadour, performed by Bergur himself. But at the same time it sounds like a manifesto claiming the right to decent and affordable housing in the city. Hear the anxious calls of sleepless tenants, night walks, urgent canons and chants of cosmic healing. Bergur Anderson’s first album is an ode to the voice, and a deep dive into the rich waters of polyphony and polyphonic storytelling.

this was the cast:

Bergur Anderson as The Troubadour & Composer
Vera Mennens as The Architect
Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir as The Soloist & Night Time Healer
Gunnar Gunnsteinsson as The Janitor
Katrina Niebergal, Clara J:son Borg, Mylan Hoezen, Vera Mennens, Linus Bonduelle, Manon Verkooyen & Marloes de Vries as The Tenants & Flock, The Midnight Choir

The artwork was also by Bergur. After he recorded the songs he collaborated, for fine-tuning and additional arrangements/recordings, with Gunnar Gunnsteinsson in Reykjavik. Reykjavik was actually where Bergur grew up. He now lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

1. Flock, the midnight choir, breathing by the ocean   02:25

2. Troubadour’s lament    04:28

3. Theme: Ascention    01:03

4. Architect, Composer & the 600 year old echo    05:46

5. Canon: Tenants’ support    02:58

6. Architect & Composer perform “Nightwalk”    04:31

7. …& join Flock    01:30

Label: Futura Resistenza / RESLP012
Medium: LP
Category: .


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