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Anestis Logothetis - Hör!-Spiel / Nekrologlog 1961 / Fantasmata 1960

Collecting 3 of his most famous works by avant-garde composer originally from Greece, who migrated to Vienna as a student and settled there to build his professional career. He was noted for his pioneering tape techniques as well as developing his own notation system for composition that incorporated visual symbols meant to be interpreted by the performers. This LP collects 3 of his most famous works, realized realized at Institut für Elektroakustik der Musikhochschule Wien.
The side-long “Fantasmata 1960” consists of two text-sound pieces from 1971/1961 and is a remarkable tape piece.

Fantasmata is a key word in the parlance of Western philosophy. Aristotle describes “fantasmata” as images that have their origin in the reminiscence of what has been perceived, and are created through the experience of the sensual perception of individual objects and occurrences. Logothetis thereby meets the core theme of electroacoustic music. Several years later, François Bayle describes acousmatic music as a music of fictional spaces and phantom figures – a world between real and imaginary causes. As sound material, Logothetis uses ecstatically shouting voices from Congo dances and several concretely recorded sounds. With the technical means of the 1960s (tempo variation, ring modulation) a work with a high inner tempo emerges, in which the listeners become groping characters in an unknown sound universe. This river of known and unknown sounds flows into a sounding stream, that of Meditation – a raw, granularly circling soundscape that opens up an archaic world of tonal being. (label text)

A part of “Fantasmata”, called “Meditation”, had a graphic score: an action symbol which shows the circling on a drum covered with a skin. Logothetis carried out this work on his own, and it was performed in 1963 at Hermann Nitsch’s first public action (Aktion Perinetgasse – The Blood Organ”) of Viennese Actionism in Galerie Lagergasse.

“Nekrologlog”: This brief audio play of approx. 10 minutes was created in 1961 – it is a monologue that was first performed on January 30, 1974 in Logothetis Planetarium Concert “for the musical youth.”

Label: Fantome Phonographique / OME1011
Medium: LP
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