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Francesco Cavaliere - Xylomania

Francesco Cavaliere is known for the sensitivity with which he combines sounds, materials and space, showing a highly particular taste for the most diverse forms of exoticism. Join him on a journey full of ephemeral presences, glass appearances, minerals and voices recorded using analogue and digital technologies. No wonder Lieven “Moana” Martens chose him for a release on his very own Edições CN imprint! Includes a download code.

Side A:
1. Xilo Di Lamella Que Infilza (5:12)
2. Xilo Phanatasma Dea Que Salta (4:08)
Side B:
3. Xilo Obachia Que Tentenna (6:30)
4. Xilo Fiaba Que Stà E Resta (4:19)

Label: Edições CN / ECN-20
Medium: Music Cassette
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