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Richard Francis - Warmth

Richard Francis is a sound artist working with electronics and field recordings and uses recordings of acoustic and electronic sounds, a tone generator, modular synthesizer and computer to compose and improvise sound works. ‘Warmth’ is about electrical noise, static, hum and resonance emitted by old deteriorating sound equipment – in this case 1970s sound components made in New Zealand and the UK. I like to think of this deterioration as extra layers of sound, like blankets of sonic texture, that sit on top of the intended sound signal. The dubplate features a composition made with sounds recorded from the record player, amplifier and speakers. When you drop the needle into a groove, the process of folding the layers of sound back into the self-noise of the system creates a new sound piece, specific to this sound setup.. He has released solo and collaborative albums on Entr’acte, Glistening Examples, Korm Plastics, Banned Production and Aufabwegen. Recent collaborators include Machinefabriek, Ralf Wehowsky, Anla Courtis, Bruce Russell, Mattin, Jason Kahn and Francisco Lopez.

Label: CMR / CMR26
Medium: CD
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