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Tristan Perich - Parallels

Tristan Perich, the man who gave us the 1-bit Symphony, has released four compositions on CD, for acoustic instrumentation with 1-bit electronics. These works are inspired by the aesthetic simplicity of math, physics and code.
“Parallels” is a 46 minutes piece for tuned triangles, hi-hats and 4-channel 1-bit electronics. Included is a poster-format score (see image).

“There is a precision to Perich’s compositions that indicates a clarity of thought and a direct through-line in his process of working. There are no hints of random generation, to my mind, or meaningless repetition, or eddying pools of mindless distraction, but a sense of every note counting…this gives the work tremendous energy and momentum.” (John Cratchley on Bandcamp)

Label: Physical Editions / Vol.1 No.1
Medium: CD
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