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The Gate - Vomit Dreams

New York-based trio The Gate are Dan Peck (tuba, composition), Tom Blancarte (upright bass), and Brian Osborne (percussion). Moving fluidly between freely improvised music and composition, their sound is dark, deep and full of events, twists and turns. Tuba and bass combine to erode conventional notions of melody and harmony, marching to the rhythm of decaying ship hulls falling against each other, metal scraping against metal. Incomprehensible languages combine with layers of viscous noise to create a suffocating and unrelenting texture of doom.

Vomit Dreams, their third release, bridging the gap between free jazz and dark ambient music, is a collection of 5 gore-infested improvisations, influenced by Stephen King and Australian metal band Portal.
‘The range of textures each player produces is impressive enough, but the invention and skill they bring to the task of combining their individual instrumental voices is breathtaking.  They are great at allowing their scrapings and scuttlings to coalesce magically into growling riffs and
malevolent low-register thunder, bridging the hitherto unspanned void between Don Cherry’s Mu and early Swans.’ (The Wire)

Artist: The Gate
Medium: CD
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