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Telesoniek Atelier - A Selection of Improvisations (1989 – 2017)

This is what they call a hidden gem, or: it was up till now. Behind “Telesoniek Atelier” hides Hans Kulk, main man of Willem Twee Electronic Studios in Den Bosch, NL, and a pioneer in modular/analog synths since the early days. These are personal recordings made on various synthesisers between 1989 and 2017. Independently released by friends, just because the gems would otherwise stay hidden forever…

Here is some early feedback from people in the know:

A “Fascinating improvs. I loved ‘Gruesse’.”
Suzanne Ciani (Atmospheric)

“Lovely, pure synth music.”
Mark Pritchard (Warp Records)

“Beautiful music with real subtlety and depth”
Anthony Child (Surgeon, Transcendence Orchestra)

“Absolutely love Chateauroux …. I love all of it!”
Maria Somerville (4AD Records / NTS Radio Earlybird Show)

“Completely knocked out while experiencing this blissful minimalism. I feel covered in the circularly enveloping tones of the Oberheim synths – like i have been time-warped. I hope his music reaches the world.”
Dubby (Ondas, Japan)

“A deep sense of the symphonic permeates this record. While synthesizers form the basis of its sound, Hans Kulk shapes their timbre into uncanny acoustics and weaves them together like an orchestra. Just when you think you have understood what is happening, another layer reveals itself. Yet it keeps a floating sense of lightness throughout. A truly rewarding listening experience.”
Hainbach (Youtube)

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