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Sandra Trienekens - Participatieve Kunst

In Dutch. Most recent issue in V2_’s series of essays called DOCUMENTS. Sandra Trienekens examines the question of how to come to a more nuanced understanding of participatory art, and with that also a more effective critique of, and better development opportunities for this art form. A perfect introduction for anyone who wants to study this art form. Sandra Trienekens’ book is also very suitable for use in education.
First of all, the book broadens our view of the history of artistic research into the relationship between art and daily life on the one hand, and between artist and public on the other. It maps the negative consequences of the Dutch art discourse for the position of participatory art, and establishes a dialogue with the usual criticism of participatory art, like how it connects to political strategies and of ethical decision-making in practice. Building on these rediscovered nuances, this essay makes a move towards a broader interpretation of participatory art as a collective art form in which essential core values ​​and basic principles of the original community art are once again central.

Sandra Trienekens is a cultural sociologist (PhD) and social geographer (MA). With her research agency Urban Paradoxes, she conducts research into citizenship, diversity and the arts. In addition, she was affiliated with various Dutch and English universities as a scientific assistant and lecturer. From 2007 to 2011 she was Lector Citizenship and Cultural Dynamics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Paperback, published in april 2020, 154 pages.

Publisher: V2 / ISBN: 9789082893526
Medium: Book


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