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Mikael Arnal & Agnes Salson - Cinema Makers

What do the Wolf in Berlin, the Deptford Cinema in London and the Dokukino in Zagreb have in common? Throughout Europe, enthusiasts are rethinking the cinematographic experience and reinventing what a cinema venue can be in the digital age. Involve the audience from the start, invent new spaces, explore the creative ripples of our time by welcoming new content, invite creation to happen within the cinema walls. This is a new movement which reaches across the continent.

For several years, Agnes Salson and Mikael Arnal set out to meet the innovative “Cinema Makers” in search of inspiration to launch their own cinema. This book is both a testimony to a changing time and a sea of ideas to inspire cultural projects. The authors present an unprecedented view of groundbreaking cinemas in Europe, their inspiring experiences speak to anyone interested in cinema, and show us that anything is possible.
Arnal, filmmaker, Salson, graduate in “Exhibition/Distribution” from the french cinema school La Fémis, have been collaborating for many years. Together, they created the Tour des Cinémas project, and co-founded the cinema La Forêt Electrique in Toulouse. They want to make the cinema a creative ecosystem rooted in the city, embracing new practices and new forms of moving images.

Paperback, 199 pages, published in 2020.

Publisher: Own / ISBN: 9782955632
Medium: Book
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