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Peter Ablinger - Voices And Piano

“..The general idea of ‘Voices and Piano’ probably has to do with the fact that when somebody speaks to me I never miss the melody of the speech but sometimes the meaning. When I was a young boy my mother asked me to go out to buy a pound of butter, 10 eggs and a loaf of bread. I listened very attentively. I loved how she spoke to me. I hopped on my bike, rode to the store and waited in the line until it was my turn – only then to realize that I had not listened to the content of the message and had to ride back home to ask.”

Voices and Piano, written for pianist Nicolas Hodges, is a cycle of pieces, each for a single recorded voice, mostly of a well-known celebrity, and piano. We hear the voices of Roman Opalka, Cecil Taylor, Kati Outinen, Mila Haugová, Agnes Martin and Josef Matthias Hauer.

Label: GOD Records / GOD 34
Medium: LP
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