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Jarrod Fowler - ‘Percussion’ As Percussion

Situated halfway between squall of the Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray and the crash of the Twin Towers collapsing, Jarrod Fowler’s ‘Percussion As Percussion’ upon first listening is nothing short of ear-shattering; just when you thought the genre of noise had been pushed as far as it could, Fowler turns the volume up to 11. However, a closer listen reveals a subtle tonal symphony of dense textures and colors, weaving fragments of shattered guitar chords, spoken word, and pop-song choruses into an audio equivalent of a Pollock painting. The end result is nothing short of a body shock, yet oddly one is left with the feeling of serenity and contemplation: this is an indisputably beautiful piece of music. Taking his cue from eastern philosophy, where music acts to liberate both body and mind, Jarrod Fowler might be the La Monte Young of the iPod generation.

Label: Patrick Lovelace Editions / ple 03 cd
Medium: CD
Category: .


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