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Dariusz Kowalski - Optical Vacuum

Webcams have made it possible for the Internet “to have eyes,” reflecting society from a subjectless and anonymous perspective. Over the past years, Dariusz Kowalski has downloaded surveillance sequences from various public and semi-public locations which in fact were not intended to be used. Work places, conference rooms or even laundromats are the starting point for Optical Vacuum. These are images that were not intended for private experience. The soundtrack consists of personal, almost intimate diary-like commentary which also seems to be not intended for the public. A film about voyeurism, surveillance and voluntary self-exposure – three aspects of the internet that are dependent on each other.

Optical Vacuum (2008), 55 Min;
Elements (2005), 8 Min;
Luukkaankangas – updated revisited (2005), 8 Min;
Bonustracks: Ortem (2004), 20 Min;
Interstate (2006), 10 Min.

Label: Index / Index/ 32
Medium: DVD
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