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Various Artists - Oog om Oog

In the summer of 2009, And3 van de Kuit and Judith van der Made from Andergrond got involved with four other artists to create a “Gesamtkunstwerk” in the premises of Andergrond, the Hague. After one month of exhibition, the mural drawings, which took three days and nights to complete, were erased, each artist their own part, thereby retracing the steps in the process of creation. They were joined by composer Shabby inC., who provided an ambiance of sounds, rhythms and melodies to the act of whitewashing. The (picture-)booklet, handbound with a silkscreen printed cover, and cd are issued in a limited, numbered edition (100 copies). The disc contains a 30 minute audio-collage and a series of mural panoramas by Rik Buter, Ibrahim Ineke, Mercedes Langhorst, Judith van der Made, Bruno Xavier and Matthijs Sluiter.sonores

Publisher: Andergrond
Medium: Book + CD


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