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Richard Foreman - Once Every Day

American avant-garde playwright and theater director Richard Foreman founded the Ontological-Hysteric Theater in 1968, and for years the theater performed his playful, disorienting and theory-infused works. This video however, he made in 2012. It takes you into another world that is consistently energizing, largely pleasurable, occasionally baffing and altogether unexpected. With most movies, you may not know where you will end up. Convention dictates, as does the marketplace, that there are only so many things that can happen after boy meets girl, or even boy meets boy, as a lifetime of movies teaches you. Mr. Foreman, by contrast, doesn’t play with established forms; he invents his own. I suspect that he would agree with the principle behind one of Bertold Brecht’s script ideas: “Boy meets girl, so what”. (Manohla Dargis – The New York Times)

This DVD edition includes:
* a 37-page-bilingual booklet (French/English) with an interview with Richard Foreman by Marie Losier;
* bonus: The Ontological cowboy (2005, 16′), by Marie Losier

DVD5 PAL 4:3
Original format: video, released 2012.
Language: English with subtitles in English and French. Runtime 81 min.


Label: Re:Voir
Medium: DVD
Category: .


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