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Barkley's Barnyard Critters - Mystery Tail

Barkley¹s Barnyard Critters is the continuing saga of rocker dog Barkley and his band of animal friends. In this latest installment, soaring popularity equals rising tension, ultimately forcing Barkley to quit the band and embark on a drunken voyage of discovery through a sea of confusion. While Barkley¹s away, record label CEO Snakeworthy Price comes up with a devious scheme to replace Barkley and make colossal profits. Watch as Barkley claws his way back to the Battle of the Bands to lay it all on the line!

Animation on the this release is hand drawn in parts, uses 3-D animation in others, and features live action characters in exciting sequences reminiscent of the BANANA SPLITS. This will appeal to fans of the CARTOON NETWORK, SPONGEBOB, and the like.

“Mystery Tale” is an hour long animation by Brian Gibson, the third part in this series thus far. The first was a small run video tape in 2001, the second came out on 2004’s “Pick a Winner” DVD (LOAD 050).

While many may know Brian Gibson from his day job playing bass in blammo rock band, LIGHTNING BOLT, Brian is a world class animator.

1. Barkley’s Barnyard Critter’s Mystery Tail – 53 minutes
2. Wizzards (live) – 10 minutes
3. Totem Tour – 4 minutes
4. Barkley’s Barnyard Critters episode #1 (2002 VHS only release) – 15 minutes

Label: Load Records / LOAD 089
Medium: DVD
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