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Mina Kim | Natty Gray - Unstable Play / Tulsa Sound

Collaboration between Unheard Records and Cult Love Sound Tapes (Tulsa, OK), bringing together Mina Kim (Seoul) and Natty Gray (Tulsa) in a split tape which considers the sonification and amplifications of object-beings both massive and hand-held in scale, from a highway to a motherboard. This tape listens deeply into the previously unheard voices of human and nonhuman communities.

Side A: Mina Kim – Unstable Play (17:35)

Audiovisual performance played live at the WeSa Festival 2019 where Mina played her trademark e-waste analog synthesizers (see photo below). The e-waste instruments can sound subtle and rough – hence, unstable. While playing with this instability, Mina dedicates her performance to all the Wasted electronics and beings.

Side B: Natty Gray – Tulsa Sound (13:55)

This was a sound installation for the Cycling The GAP: Infrastructure Ride. “Using contact microphones on the underpass, the vibrations and sounds of the 244 highway on Boulder Avenue in downtown Tulsa were amplified to highlight socioeconomic disparity brought about by city infrastructure. The installation asks the questions, what has the Tulsa Sound been towards the citizens of Tulsa? And how has it differed between communities? What comes to mind when one hears the expression ‘Tulsa Sound’ and why?” Natty Gray Watson is a sound artist, event promoter, and live concert archivist with the Tulsa, Oklahoma art, music, and cassette collective, Cult Love.

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