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Maria Uzor - Soft Cuts

Debut album released in 2023 by Uzor, who describes herself as a mutant-electronic artist and producer based in the UK. Before this she was half of Sink Ya Teeth, a kind of post-punk-dance duo with Gemma Cullingford. ‘Soft Cuts’ is a joyful and groove-led journey into a cosmic landscape of electro, avant-pop, footwork and stark techno, with unexpected twists through the darkness. All the tracks have vocals and lyrics, proving Uzor’s agile singing and style, often strongly bending and tweaking the voice into hallucinatory realms. The vinyl is red as red can be.
There are echos of Aphex Twin in there, of Annette Peacock, Kate Bush and Drexciya. And yet for all its influences, Maria has created a body of work that’s beautifully seamless in it’s amalgamations.


1. From The Silence 02:42
2. Prophylactics For Pterodactyls 03:48
3. Mighty Mighty 03:24
4. Ventolin 04:27
5. The Fool 01:48
6. Silver Moon 04:06
7. Facemask 05:04
8. Sometimes They Look At You 03:15
9. Your Approval 04:45

Label: Castles in Space / CiS161
Artist: Maria Uzor
Medium: LP
Category: .


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