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Claus van Bebber and Michael Vorfeld - Kreisel

This cd was recorded in 2005 at the Nurnichtnur Studios at Kleve, Germany by Nurnichtnur label owner Beserker (Dieter Schlensog). Together with van Bebber, Vorfeld and a few others Schlensog was member of ‘Heinrich Mucken’ an obscure group from the 80s. Nowadays Vorfeld lives in Berlin working as a photographer, percussionist and artist. Van Bebber also found his way in the arts, and as a musician he specialized himself in playing with turntables. On ‘Kreisel’ both gentlemen create with percussion, stringed instruments and turntables some nice and intense moments. A successful and well-balanced collaboration. The sounds they draw from their instruments go very well together. Van Bebber stays close to the sound-material on the records. He makes use of several turntables simultaneously applying a limited set of techniques, like speed and loops, and that’s about it.

Label: Creative Sources / CS056
Medium: CD
Category: .


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