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Mauricio Kagel - Acustica

At the invitation of Marc Monnet, Mauricio Kagel performed at the Festival du Printemps des Arts a new version of ACUSTICA, a work composed between 1968 and 1970. This recording offers not only a new look at the piece by its composer, nearly three decades after the original event, but also two versions which allow the listener to grasp the differences between the interpretations. ACUSTICA is a challenge to traditional instrument-making, and probably also to the electro-acoustic composition of its era. It takes a collection of objects – combs, tissue paper, compressed-air cylinder, plastic tubing, miniature window, record player, conveyor belt, chalumeau, bucket of water, ratchet, inflatable balloon, loudspeaker, bicycle bell-bar, nail violin, walkie-talkie, humming-bird, etc. – along with magnetic tape, and a few acoustic instruments (trombone, panpipes), to produce a work of electronic music.

Label: Zig-Zag / ZZT080403
Medium: CD
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