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WORM Horspil - K7-4: Lucinda Guy – An Island In The Moon

I love Lucinda Guy! A true radio art expert, involved as she is in the amazing Soundart Radio, an independent, non-commercial community radio station broadcasting from Devon, UK. And this play in four parts is so charming, and so typically english-eccentric, you just have to hear it. Based on the story written by William Blake in 1785 of which Guy says: “this text is a godsend, a timeless atmosphere with wacky characters in the best absurdist practice.” Her method, with the WORM studio as base, was to just drag people who happened to be at hand to the microphone and have them read parts, using chance happenings and some peoples’ skills in their own instrument, like a ukelele.

Side A: 30’58”

Side B: 32’38”

Produced in 2014.



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Label: WORM.records / K7-4
Artist: WORM Horspil
Medium: Music Cassette
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