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Gustav Deutsch - Film Ist. (1-12)

Gustav Deutsch is an Austrian found footage-film maker (1952). His Film ist.-cycle, is a montage of images from amateur movies, scientific & entertainment productions & silent film fragments, found in film collections around the world. This instalment dates from 2004 (77 min.)


Consists almost exclusively, of sequences from existing scientific films. These films are about the acrobatic flights of pigeons, the intelligence testing of apes; about reversed worlds and stereoscopic vision; hurricanes and impact waves in the air. How glass breaks, children walk and how a Mercedes crashes into a stone wall in slow motion. The contempt with which scientific films are received is not directed against the content, but rather against their conventional, unimaginative, ridiculous and commentary-contaminated appearance. Similarly, the fascination with some of the teaching films can be attributed almost exclusively to the power of their images – images which one has never seen, even in the cinema.

Runtime: 77 mins.

Label: Index / 12
Medium: DVD
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