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Various Artists - Frankfurter Ahnung

Curated by Ben Watson, ‘critic in his own lunchtime (opinions currently too crisp and mirthinducing for the actually-existing music press) — has compiled a CD of music which actually matters. Asked to explain himself, he shot back: ‘My finely pressed gang of musical irritants — a.k.a. the Esemplasm — take issue with the Neo-Kantian precepts underlying cultural conditioning today. Frankfurter Ahnung actively inkles that the oh-so-knowing circuits of defusion and confusion which degalvinise the frog-leg salad of the contemporary farce are not the limitless gambits of Sir Brain End. Historical materialism will rise again to embalm you in your sleep, running sores of festooned market system!’

Label: Sonic Arts Network / 01-12-05
Medium: Book + CD
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