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Chen Jun - Erhu Classics

With undeniable virtuosity and skill, Chen Jun is one of the virtuoso erhu players in China. So dazzling is his grasp of the string instrument as significant to Chinese music as the violin is to Western classical, Chen’s nickname is “The Paganini of the Erhu.”

Erhu Classics is the Jiangsu native’s debut CD recorded in 1997 (released in Asia only on the Marco Polo label). Full of evocative, impressionistic performances of Chinese folk classics and one Chen Jun original, this beautiful and highly melodic collection is astonishing due to Chen’s stunning technical ability and passionate performances. Featuring the accompaniment of the Central Virtuosi conducted by Yang Chun-Li, it’s a tremendous showcase for the young Chinese new star.

What differentiates Chen from traditional Chinese folk musicians is his passion for western classical music as well. As a result, he has developed a more individualized style and tone, and that multifaceted personality is displayed on Erhu Classics. From very traditional melodies like Shandong folk songs, ‘River Waters’ and ‘Yizhihua’ to the compositions of legendary Chinese composer, Liu Tian-hua, like ‘Shaking Red Candle Flame’ and ‘Moonlight’, Chen expertly interprets both with equal aplomb. Also, his lighting quick dexterity is revealed on frolicking pieces like ‘Horse Racing’ and ‘Galloping War Horses’. There is even some Arabic influence in the Tajik influenced ‘Sunshine On Tashkurgan’.

Label: Naxos World / 76011-2
Artist: Chen Jun
Medium: CD
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