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Adbusters - # 167 – Twilight in America

America is all dressed up with nowhere to go — exporting a virus of individuality more deadly than Covid to the rest of the world. All the revolutionaries are burned out — every moment of time monetized.Meanwhile, in China, we watch the steady, methodical rise of a 21st century Hitler. World leaders flock to China just like they flocked to Germany 80 years ago.
Can we leap over both of them, and forge a third path through the perilous years ahead?


  • Democracy of Autocracy? (excerpts from The Authoritarian Century by Chris Ogden)
  • Excerpts from “Saving Time – Discovering a Life beyond the Clock” by Jenny Odell, from “towards a Leisure Ethic” by Stuart Whatley
  • .. and of course the amazing grapics, spoof adverts and biting manifestoes that Adbusters are famous for.

Extraordinary size.. 33 x 28 cm.


Label: Adbusters / 167 - twilight in america
Artist: Adbusters
Medium: Magazine
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