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H. Badings - Electronic Ballet Music “Cain And Abel”

Henk Bading’s electronic music was written in 1956 and was first given at a performance by the Netherlands Ballet during the Holland Festival that year. The underlying idea is of conflict between opposed forces. For the first performance, choreographer J.Zielstra chose the figures of Cain and Abel to personify this conflict.

Those who are interested in the electronic means and methods employed in the music will find a detailed account of them in the Philips Technical Review vol.19 (1957/58) no.6.
The devices used were sine-wave generators, multivibrators, noise generators, a photo-electric siren, an electronic clavichord and electric percussion instruments; sounds from mechanical sources such as battery and piano were transformed electrically. The devices used for processing the sounds included electrical filters, artificial echo producers, tape recorders and a ring modulator. An oscilloscope served for monitoring and tuning purposes.

Tracktitles on backsleeve in English, on label in German:
Elektronische Ballettmusik Kain und Abel
Erste Episode; 1. Einleitung – 2. Tanz – 3. Tanz der Gegenkräfte – 4. Konflikt – 5. Abschluss – 6. Ubergang – – Zweite Episode; 7. Passacaglia
Zweite Episode(Schluss); 8. Arioso – 9. Konflikt – 10. Wiederholung des Arioso – 11. Konflikt – 12. Schluss.

Label: Philips / 400 036 AE
Artist: H. Badings
Medium: 7"


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