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Danielle Lemaire - Traces In Waste

Album from 2013 by a multi-talented multi-artist. Like previous albums, it’s full of intimate little songs, making their point to you in a sweet and simple way. Her voice, natural without frills, lays back on comforting fabrics of piano, harmonium, organ, accordion, toy percussion and pre-recorded sounds. An exception and one of the highlights of the album is ‘Bricks from the Balcony’, an electro-acoustic expedition reminiscent of When, Popol Vuh, Ghedalia Tazartes. Her vocals here are suddenly not so girlish anymore, but more like a friendly ghost, looking for company. In ‘Di Mana Jiwa’ she pays homage to her Indonesian roots by adopting a ritualistic traditional vocal style. All-in-all she is exploring the possibilities of her voice more than before. Truly a next step in sculpting her own style.

Label: Inner Landscapes / 2012
Medium: CD


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