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Danielle Lemaire - A Black Bird flew up. . Sharing Space with Nick Drake

Beautiful publication by one of my favourite artists. In the book, Danielle explains how she discovered Nick Drake and what fascinates her about this songwriter. She researched in every archive she could find (which are not many), connected to the on-line fan group Drakeheads, and visited the places where he lived and died.

In the book are amazing drawings, no not Drake portraits, but scenes and interiors that feel like he could pop up there anytime, bringing to mind English countryside cottages, gardens, forests, ghosts of tragical figures. There are texts by Danielle and by main Drakehead Colin Betts. Really nice. The 40 page book was Riso-printed.

On the 10″ record is a mixture of songs and field recordings made in Tanworth-in-Arden, the small town in the Midlands of England where time stands still..

Publisher: Inner Landscapes
Medium: 10" + Book


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