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Mensimonis - Clone Fever

Mensimonis is the coming together of two counterfigures in counterculture: Radboud Mens and Lukas Simonis, Radboud coming from electronic/industrial/noise music, being a sort of whiz-kid in the studio, and Lukas, with a background in noise and improv and ecclecticism in general. Mensimonis try to do a ‘musical’ thing with the idea of droning away at it. It seems a very simple and basic concept but it always leads to quite different results. Radboud takes care of the lower parts of the sound, using oscillators and effects, Lukas is allowed to stay on top with an accumulation of looped guitar attacks that slowly evolve into drones as the overtones take over. That’s only the description of HOW to make these sounds…. wanna hear first? https://z6records.bandcamp.com/

Label: Opa Loka
Artist: Mensimonis
Medium: CD
Category: .


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