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Solomon Nagler - Cinéma des Ruines

Published by the Institut pour la Coordination et la Propagation des Cinémas Exploratoires in Montreal. Eight experimental films (Super 8, 16 and 35 mm) from 2003-2010) locating the cinematic works of Solomon Nagler in the higher polar and granular realms of a mystic and holistic cinema.
Black Salt Water Elegy / Notes on Gesture, Fugue Nefesh / The Sex of Self-Hatred / Perhaps/We / Untitled3 (Stone Killer) / Untitled 1 (Prayerielandescape) / Untitled 2 (The Last Jew of Edenbridge)
“Allegorical by design, Nagler’s vision is composed of fragments of recognizable reality commingled with the raw matter of hallucination and nascent form. In Nagler’s work, vision is both a phenomenological and historical entity; a damaged engagement with time, space, and the archaeologies of memory and film. Stories of migration and refuge take suggestive shape, often against and within the vast expanses of the Canadian prairies. In Nagler’s cinema, ethical engagement has to be equal to the task of the precariousness of life in transition. Home is temporary; home is a refuge.” (Sarah Darmon)
DVD NTSC, runtime 89 min.

Label: ICPCE
Medium: DVD
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