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Pierre Bastien - Blue As An Orange

Better late than never. Album from 2015 on the sympathetic Morphine label, run by Rabih Beaini. “Blue As An Orange is the recorded result of the ‘Silent Motors’ concept and although the visual stimulus and gratifying display of motorized systems of motion and function is obviously absent, the strange resonances conjured allow imaginations to flourish in speculation. It’s hard to single out a specific instance in which there isn’t a fascinating micro-friction. Bastien combines what sounds like a dialled down domestic slant on Einsturzende Neubauten’s metallic rout and musique concrete’s spectral infinitesimal manipulations with woozy jazz waywardness, characterised by shades of soft organ, exotic harp-like strums, and soaring, often wistful lilts of trumpet. In this latter respect it’s like the smoky late night dejection of Miles Davis’ work on the ‘Elevator To The Gallows’ soundtrack clashing cohesively with a curious ethnographic obscurity from the Folkways archive…” (The Quietus)

Label: Morphine / DOSER 028LP
Medium: LP
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