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Al Ackerman - I Am Drunk

Al Ackerman does indeed sound drunk at times, but not just on booze, also on language and human absurdity. Featuring live as well as “studio” recordings, “I Am Drunk” also has two blaster classics that raise the humdrum world of the workplace to the giddy heights of Philip K. Dick in Munchkinland – “The John Eaton Recommendations” and “The Crab”. Ehse’s prediction: ‘The muffled voice of Blaster Al Ackerman reading his “Pepper Young” translations with a presumed bar of soap in his mouth followed by tree frog belches will replace the sound of a passing steam locomotive as the poetic sounds of indescribable mystery and high lonesomeness.
Another prediction: copies of this album with its linguistic hijinks and squat and thrusts will be played far more times and enjoyed much more than any mothball enshrined Caedmon LP of T.S. Eliot or Robert Frost intoning.’
Original artwork for LP front cover by Al Ackerman.


Label: Ehse Records / 002
Artist: Al Ackerman
Medium: LP
Category: .


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