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Schokkend Nieuws - # 109 (August/September 2014)

A bimonthly (Dutch only) with interviews, articles, reviews & news for lovers of horror-, science-fiction-, fantasy & cult films. On the cover a character out of the new (2014) flick Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s C-Team from 1969. Also straight out of the cinema: Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno. The special feature article is on the allure of fairground attractions & theme parks in movies. Panic rules ! Two ‘greats’ are interviewed: Rob Zombie and David Cronenberg. The composer Les Baxter (1922-1996) is eulogized in the article on the 2-CD soundtrack Master of the World/Goliath and the Barbarians. In the DVD review: Sleepaway Camp (1983). 

Publisher: Schokkend Nieuws / 109
Medium: Magazine


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