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Doind Sounding Exchanging Thinking

Last-minute pop-up at a symposium in the south of Rotterdam, curated by Thickear (UK), with contributions by Thought Collider, Mark Bain, Justin Bennett, Teresa Cos, Giovanni Papini+Alex Rothera, and Linnea Semmerling. Also presentations of works by David Toop, Christof Migone, Brandon LaBelle, Scanner, Salomé Voegelin+David Mollin and Kim Noble.

Doing Sounding Exchanging Thinking is a symposium that considers an intersection of ‘the sonic’, ‘knowledge sharing’, and ‘social action’ by expanding the idea of a performance-lecture to encompass a daylong symposium event. It will employ a cross-practice dialogue for artists, researchers, and audience to examine the sonic as articulated through notions of agency and performative practices

31 October, 2015 – 11:00
End Time: 17:30
Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam
Foundation B.a.d