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Underbelly part of Come Alive

A longer term pop-up at an amazing exhibition on eroticism and the power of pleasure. Together with the Pleasure Society I run a giftshop called The Clitshop! Drop by if you can, it is a very special experience. More info here.

Good Vibrations in Brussels: Oscillations

Another unique sound art event coming up: the impressive Oscillation Festival, conceived and realised by Q-o2 in Brussels. Underbelly was invited to bring more good vibes in the weekend, at a location called Zonneklopper in the suburb of Vorst. More details here.

Underbelly at Rewire, Yayy !!

At last… after two years of limitations, one of the best music festivals in The Netherlands can have their usual audiences again. I will run a nice book&record stand in The Grey Space, with lots of new stuff. You might also find me back late at night in Het Paard. 8, 9 and 10 april. […]

Hybrid Publishing designs now for sale here!

Award Winning designs from the Hybrid Publishing department at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam: now easily available at Underbelly! They resulted from innovative research projects by bachelor and master students across various art and design disciplines (interior, fashion, product, industrial..). Varying from soap to fake fashion bags and experimental book designs. Look here and […]

New Music Conference 2021

Dynamic networking event at Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, for everyone active in the field of New Music. Join in, and check out the Underbelly pop-up store in the cafe with books and records! More info here.

FAQ Festival: Underbelly pop-up.

In the beautiful city of Den Bosch in The Netherlands, some beautiful people are doing FAQ again. Check their program here. And if you happen to be nearby, drop in at Willem II Toonzaal or (on Saturday) Willem II Poppodium! No tickets needed to come check out my books and records 🙂

Fast & Greasy!

From now on I will do small-scale pop-ups at WORM in Rotterdam on every third Tuesday of the month. Because of a new live music series called Snackbar. Fast & Greasy! Second edition is on 19th of October with SOON and Tramhaus. Here is a link to the event.

The Job is Done

After 1 and a half month at AVL Mundo for the Fake Me Hard expo, I can say this was the longest pop-up shop I ever did! But it was wonderful, the art, the visitors and the business 🙂

Underbelly finally on location again!

On 30 June, during Art Rotterdam, AVL Mundo opens the exhibition Fake Me Hard in their characteristic industrial environment in Rotterdam West. I’m looking forward to finally bring out my books, records etc again for the occasion. You can find me in the exhibition until half August, Thursday to Sunday 12:00 to 20:00. All info […]

New label: Mascarpone Discos

I happened to stumble on one of those countless independent artist-run labels, relying on Bandcamp, touring musicians and their own high standards, keeping up the good works out of pure love for music. In this case it’s José Guerrero from Valencia. Many of his physical releases are tapes, some of them are on vinyl. A […]