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Underbelly takes Positionen

A new title in the magazines section: Positionen – Texte zur aktuellen Musik. Specially for German speaking customers living outside of Germany, I will be dragging these around in the future to all serious music festivals that will have me. Warten Sie aber nicht darauf, bestellen Sie Positionen einfach hier! Eine schöne Zeitschrift.

Maher Shalal Hash Baz was in town!

This one-of-a-kind collective from Japan finallly made it to WORM, where they played a long and lovely set with several guests for a dedicated audience. I was lucky enough to talk to their spiritual “father” Tori Kudo, and he told me the story behind their album ガラ刑 Galakei. It definitely is highly enjoyable. Click here!

New Sonic Territories: Cusp Editions

A fascinating soundworld is the world of Cusp Editions, a new imprint from Manchester, run by Sam Weaver. He champions experimental music from the hinterlands. Each of his releases aims to forage new sonic territories in electronics, improvisation and beyond. See the full list here.

New label from Brno: Nona!

Closely related to modular synth engineer Bastl Instruments, Nona releases a great variety of experimental music, not even all by modular synth fanatics, but mainly electronic anyway. Their cover design is also quite remarkable. Four of their releases can be found here.

AWOTT In The House

A well-kept secret (to me) until now.. I saw AWOTT play recently  and they were amazing. So I bought all their albums. The LPs are already gone but the tapes sound great too!  Here they are for those who missed them.

New Magazines in the Catalogue!

Underbelly proudly presents 3 beautiful new titles from the fields of artists film and critical politics. The Baffler (US), Soundings (UK) and Millennium Film Journal. Here!

A Great Songstress..

.. Last week I saw Mary Ocher play. A courageous, unconventional and sweet-voiced musician. Here‘s her new record!

MCHNRY just brought their new CD!

At last it’s here: their Tarmac album now in a down-to-earth CD version. For those who don’t like tar & feathers. click here for details.

Weren’t They Great!

Last weekend I witnessed Matmos, live on stage with their washing machine. They were fantastic! To enjoy those wonderful sounds at home, here’s their LP, Ultimate Care II.

Very pleased to have these new tapes in: 3 brilliant compilations of historical 78rpm recordings of traditional and folk music, compiled by expert Ian Nagoski. For an overview, look here.